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MindingYou.ie : Give the gift of wellbeing

Nurturing Happiness with Minding You:

The business owner Avril says “Having battled my own mental health challenges, I emerged stronger, armed with invaluable techniques that led me to genuine happiness. Fuelled by my own transformation, I founded Minding You to guide others on their paths.”

As well as hosting Wellness events that include Wellbeing Walks, Fitness classes, Stretching, Meditation, Journal Therapy, Breathwork & Cold Water Therapy, Minding You goes beyond events, offering bespoke wellbeing gifts meticulously crafted into tailored hampers.
These gifts are not just items; they are personalized tokens of care, each chosen with the recipient’s well-being in mind. Minding You also supports other local businesses like Steps Back Thru Time by offering vouchers as an option within the gift packages.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup…fill your own cup first!”

Find Minding You on Instagram @minding_you_

Or check out www.mindingyou.ie

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