Start and finish points of the guided walking tour are at the free greenway carpark (next to eircode X42 VF38)

Dungarvan - Location Map

Start and finish points of the guided walking tour experience are at the Waterford County Museum

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to go to the online booking form, click on whichever tour you want to book and simply follow the step by step system to fill out all the required boxes and then click the Submit button.
A confirmation email will be sent to you upon submitting your booking successfully.

An allowance of 2 to 3 hours is given for the duration of the tour as I can only go as fast as my slowest walker on the tour.

An allowance of 1.5 to 2 hours is given for the duration of the tour as I can only go as fast as my slowest walker on the tour.

Prices as of 05/02/2024


  • Child (4 to 11 years old)
    €7.50 each
  • Adult (12 years upwards)
    €15.00 each


  • Child (4 to 11 years old)
    €5.00 each
  • Adult (12 years upwards)
    €10.00 each

Payment is taken securely through the SUM Up payment system link which is created and emailed back to you shortly once your tour booking has been confirmed by StepsBackThruTime admin.

Once you click on the secure payment link, an option to pay via VISA, Mastercard, Google Pay, Revolut, Paypal etc. is on offer to you.

On the Kilmacthomas tour we cover a route of 5 kilometers in total distance. With 10 stops on the route it breaks it up and there are no steep inclines on the route, there is a gently decline from the top of the Viaduct Bridge leading down into the Public park in the village.

So far, since our launch in June 2022 I’ve had children aged 4yrs all the way up to adults aged 85 years complete this tour with no complaints about the route.

On the Dungarvan tour we cover a route of 2.5 kilometers in total distance. With 10 stops on the route it breaks it up and there are no steep inclines on the route.

If either of these modes of mobility are small wheeled then some small sections of the route may find getting through slightly difficult but I see no problems with the large wheeled mobilty modes other than possibilty of some leaves, twigs, dog foul on the route at certain times of the year.

In Dungarvan town, there are some sections with narrow pavements, uneven paving, cobbling and soft surfaces so caution will be advised in those areas.

The Maximum group number is set at 15 persons per tour experience.

The Minimum is for 1 person per tour experience.

  • 48 hours minimum notice is required if cancelling your booking and you will be entitled to receive the full refund or arrangement of a new tour timeslot can be made in  the near future, notice will need to be given through emailing of your cancellation.


  • 100% cancellation fee applies if cancellation is made within the two day minimum period of your tour booking. Cancellation fee = the full Tour ticket(s) cost.

There is no maximum notice of booking required.

Minimum of 2 days notice is requested to allow for processing of booking and cancellation policies to be activated.

Walk-in bookings are accepted once slots are available on the tour at that time but the cancellation policy in that circumstance will not operate in this instance.

Kilmacthomas 5km looped tour

Greenway Carpark close to the Workhouse, Carrignanonshagh, Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

(next to eircode X42 VF38 CoachHouse Coffee)

Sat Nav location Lat 52.202261, Long -7.406405

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Dungarvan 2.5km looped tour

Outside the main entrance doors to the Waterford County Museum.

(eircode X35 NW63)

Sat Nav location Lat 52.088436, Long -7.619468

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Use of the restroom facilities at the CoachHouse Coffee eatery are available if needed before and after the tour.

During the tour, there is an emergency restroom possibility located within the village of Kilmacthomas via means of the public toilets on the main street next to the fire station. StepsBackThruTime cannot guarantee these facilities are open on the day or time of the tour as Waterford council are in control of the upkeep of those public facilities.

Some other public shop/ restaurant / bar toilet facilities may be available if open. Ask your tour guide for details of these if needed.


On the tour route there is the possibility to use local hotel/public bar restrooms if required for emergency situations only.

Dungarvan does not have any public onstreet toilet facilities yet.

A 2 kilometre Kilmacthomas town tour with 6 stops is available also, starting and finishing at the Railway Station house carpark. 

Email and mention “2km Optional Tour” in the email subject line.

Bespoke guided walking tours in the Kilmacthomas region or Dungarvan town can be tailored to suit your requirements. simply email for quotations.

Mobile Cell number
+353 83 8211644

Whatsapp message
+353 83 8211644


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Irish weather changes every 3 minutes so beware and check the forecast before attending. Wear suitable attire to best suit the Irish weather.

Only in the event of an orange or above weather warning will the tour be cancelled in the interest of safety of all customers, you will be notified via your mobile cell number or email if this occurs.

Customers are advised to check the status of warning for the day and time of the tour on the Irish meteorological service.

Explaination of Irish warning system here 

If you happen to be booked in for the affected times, you will be contacted via the mobile contact number submitted on your booking form (failing that you will be emailed via your booking form email address) and alternative schedule arrangements will be made.

Steps Back Thru Time guided walking tour experiences will be available to book all year round.

Days that tours will not run are

  • Christmas Eve to St. Stephens day (24th to 26th December)

Gratuities are not included in the cost of the tour so tipping seperately is most welcomed by your tour guide.

All customers are requested to leave an honest review on Viator/TripAdvisor click this link of your experience with StepsBackThruTime guided walking tour.

These reviews go towards promoting the business and letting other potential customers know what the experience was like. Tourism services throughout Ireland rely on these reviews to keep themselves in business.

So please be kind

Customers are advised to dress appropriately for the weather on the date & time of the tour and appropriate comfortable footwear to do a looped 5 kilometer route on a mixture of public areas, pavements and greenway.

Children are more than welcome to join us on the tour but are only allowed once accompanied by a paying adult.

StepsBackThruTime guided walking tour experience is not a paid creche facitily so dropping your child off and not accompanying them on the tour will not be tolerated.

Being in such a picturesque setting, you are advised to please capture as many of those precious moments during the tour. Care is advised when alongside the edge of the riverwalk or on top of the viaduct bridge as it is a public greenway and fast moving cyclists pass through there too.

Once photos are uploaded to any of your social media channels can you tag them with @stepsbackthrutime or #stepsbackthrutime, to allow us to locate and share them among our many social media channels.

Responsible dog owners can bring there dogs on the tour once they are at all times under control by being on a short leash, dog foul bags are brought in case of need and little or no distraction is caused on the tour.

Extendable leads are not advised to be used and won’t be tolerated.

If your dog breed is on the Irish dangerous animal list, then a muzzle is advised also no matter what control you have of your dog.

On hot days, a bottle of water and bowl maybe necessary to rehydrate so please bring anything that your dog may need for whichever weather you have them out in.

Be considerate of others.