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Introducing you to the guided walking tour experience

steps-back-thru-time-kilmacthomas-walkway-tourIf you are looking for an exciting and unique way to explore the beautiful town of Kilmacthomas, Ireland and it’s surrounding areas look no further than a guided walking tour experience from StepsBackThruTime. With its rich history and breathtaking scenery, Kilmacthomas is the perfect destination for anyone looking to get a taste of authentic Irish culture and hospitality. Explore the different aspects of Kilmacthomas that make it an ideal location for a guided walking tour experience.

“Time travelling tour that will bring you to ten points of intrigue in the
heart of the stunning Waterford greenway that will open all the senses within a looped five kilometre range.”

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(Please allow 2 days minimum notice for your tour booking.)

This tour will suit all ages from aged 4 upwards and if customers intend on bringing either small push prams/buggies or electric mobility scooters with small wheels please know that there are sections of this walking route that has loosely laid gravel and may impede on the ability to roll along on these type surfaces.

I really look forward to seeing you soon
Stíofán, your tour guide

Ten points of Intrigue

1. Workhouse: Learn about the Kilmacthomas Workhouse, which opened in 1851 to house the poor of the locaility during the hard times.

2. Paupers Grave: View the Paupers Mass Grave, which is a stark reminder of the difficult living conditions faced by the poor in the workhouse.

3. New Bridge: Here you will hear the story of archaeological digs that pre-dates the area of Kilmacthomas to be 4000BC which is older than the pyramids of Egypt.

4. Railway Station & Signal House: Explore the Kilmacthomas Railway Station and Signal House, which were vital to the local economy during the heyday of the railway.

5. The Village: View the main street of Kilmacthomas and hear the many famous and infamous characters that are connected to the village of Kilmacthomas.

6. Flahavan’s Mills: View the site of Flahavan’s Mills, which has been producing high-quality oatmeal products since the 18th century.

7. Curved Viaduct Bridge & Public Park: Admire the Viaduct Bridge, a magnificent feat of engineering.

8. Woollen Mill: Learn about the history of the Woollen Mill, which was once a major employer to the women in the area.

9. River Mahon: Take a walk along the banks of the River Mahon and enjoy the tranquil scenery, along with the many forms of wildlife and nature living there.

10. Coachhouse: View the Coachhouse, hear about the characters connected to the building, along with coffee & how it all began.

Private 2km Tour

A shorter 2 kilometre private tour route with 6 stops is available upon request, email hello@stepsbackthrutime.ie and mention the code “2kmOptionTour” in the email subject line. 
Details of this offering will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Latest customer reviews


“Had a great day in the heart of the Waterford Greenway and stunning County Waterford. Stephen is a natural on camera……. now we’re suckin’ diesel.”

Adrian Dunbar

Irish Professional Actor/Director and TV personality

Recording of Adrian Dunbar’s My Ireland 30th July 2022

“Stephen leads a most enjoyable walk in Kilmacthomas that no visitor should miss. His vast knowledge ranges from the construction of the Greenway Viaduct – the only curved viaduct in Ireland and a marvellous testimony to the skill of the engineers almost two hundred years ago, to what Daniel O Connell actually said to the good citizens of the town when trying to get them to support his campaign for Catholic emancipation in the 1820’s.

He is fascinating about the river Mahon and its importance in powering the mills in the town, not to speak of how it thwarted Oliver Cromwell, and he can recreate the terrible period in Ireland typified by the Workhouse building. You will see Kilmac in a new light after a tour with Stephen.”

Éanna Ní Lamhna

Ireland’s favourite Naturalist and TV/Radio Broadcaster VIP guest for the Comeraghs Wild Festival 2022