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How to : Submit a Viator/Tripadvisor review for StepsBackThruTime

As a new startup tourism service launched in June 2022 in the south east of Ireland, I would really appreciate you and anyone else in your party to leave an honest review on Viator along with any pictures or videos you took on the tour to help boost my offering within county Waterford.

Writing a helpful and informative Viator/TripAdvisor review is a great way to share your experiences with other travelers and support businesses in the travel industry. Here are some guidelines on how to leave a Viator/TripAdvisor review for StepsBackThruTime guided walking tour experience:

Sign In or Create a Viator/Tripadvisor Account:

    • Visit the TripAdvisor website or open the TripAdvisor mobile app.
    • Sign in to your existing account or create a new one if you don’t have an account yet.


Once your guided walking tour has been completed.

These reviews go towards promoting my business startup and by you letting other potential customers know what the experience was like.

Click “Which tour did you do?”:

    • Once you’re on the business’s page, locate the dropdown menu.
    • Click on it and choose “2-3 hours Guided Walking Tour in Ireland.”


Choose a Star Rating:

    • Rate your experience by selecting the appropriate number of stars (1 to 5) for different aspects such as Service, Value, Cleanliness, Location, and Sleep Quality (if applicable).
    • Be fair and honest when assigning star ratings.


Write a Title:

    • Create a concise and descriptive title for your review. The title should give readers an idea of what your review is about.

Write Your Review:

    • Provide details about your experience, including what you liked and disliked.
    • Be specific and use concrete examples. Mention any standout features, services, or issues you encountered.
    • Include relevant information such as the date of your visit, the purpose of your trip (e.g., family vacation, business trip), and any notable events or circumstances.

Stay Objective and Respectful:

    • Keep your review respectful and avoid personal attacks or offensive language.
    • Focus on the facts and your personal experience rather than making generalizations or assumptions.

Highlight the Positives:

    • If you had a positive experience, mention the aspects you enjoyed the most.
    • Give credit to exceptional staff members or services.

Mention Areas for Improvement:

    • If there were shortcomings or issues, provide constructive feedback.
    • Suggest ways the business could improve, but be polite and constructive in your criticism.

Proofread and Edit:

    • Review your text for grammar and spelling errors before submitting your review.

Add Photos (Optional):

    • If you have photos that illustrate your experience, consider uploading them. Pictures can be very helpful for other travelers.

Submit Your Review:

    • After completing your review, click the “Submit Your Review” button.
    • TripAdvisor may prompt you to confirm your review before it’s published.

Respond to Comments (Optional):

    • You may receive comments or questions from other users or the business owner. Feel free to engage in a respectful discussion if you wish.

Update Your Review (If Necessary):

    • If your experience changes or the business addresses the issues you mentioned, you can update your review to reflect the current situation.

Share Your Review :

    • If you want to, you can share your review on social media or with friends and family to help others discover your recommendations for StepsBackThruTime guided walking tour experience.

Remember that your Viator/TripAdvisor review can have a significant impact, so strive to provide helpful and honest feedback to assist other travelers in making informed choices and to support businesses in improving their services.

Here in Ireland, alot of tourism services rely on honest feedback and reviews from customers to keep their unique tourism services operating and earn a liveable wage.

I would recommend you leaving reviews for any other tourism services or attractions that you visited also to show your support.

Hear more stories from the heart when you go on a Steps Back Thru Time walking tour experience.
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